Exciting News / Announcement

Hey guys! So I have some very exciting news! I have become a brand ambassador for a company called Just Strong! They are an athletic wear brand and they do some amazing active wear!

If you would like to buy anything from their website use my code to get 10% off!



Hope you check them out and love them as much as I do!


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My Travel Goals

Hey! So considering it’s still pretty early on in the year and I’ve yet to travel anywhere far, I thought I would do a quick post telling you all my travel goals.

This is basically like a bucket list but I though I would tell you all how far along I am with these goals.

1. Visit 100 countries

2. Visit 100 towns/cities

3. Visit South America

4. Visit Asia

5. Visit all 50 States in the USA

Now I’m some way off completing any of these goals but I have started working towards the first two.

I have visited 13 countries so far, and here they are!

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Scotland
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Wales

I have also visited 35 different cities across these countries! Which means I’m well on the way to completing that goal!

I know some of these goals are quite hard to achieve but it is definitely something I’m working towards and I can’t wait to travel some more!

This may have been a pretty short post, but stay tuned because I have plenty more posts coming very soon!

Hope you enjoyed


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Day Trip to Delamere – 04.02.18

Hey guys so recently me and my boyfriend decided to take a trip to Delamere forest for the day. It was a super good day so I thought I would share some of the pictures from it. So here we go…

I hope you enjoyed this post even if it was super short! Stay tuned for more posts coming soon!


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Rome Travel Guide

Hey! so Rome is my second location in my travel guide series. I have been to Rome twice now, once as a school trip and the second time was on my recent interrail trip. I am by no means an expert on Rome but I thought I would share what I think are the best things to see and do whilst you’re there.

What is there to see and do?

Vatican City

27786168_10209251638322975_173842055_oWhether you are religious or not, the Vatican City is definitely worth a visit. It is an independent country in the centre of Rome. It is the smallest country in the world at only 0.44km2. You can take guided tours or just wonder around yourself once you have paid your entrance. The art work and sculptures that fill all the rooms from floor to ceiling are incredible. On your way around you get to pass through the phenomenal Sistine Chapel which is a sight to see.


27707564_10209251639843013_635279968_oThe Coliseum is possibly the most iconic landmark in Rome and it fascinating to visit. You have to pay entrance and there is often a short queue due to the fact only a certain amount of people can be inside at a time. Once inside you can do a guided tour or just wonder around, but either way the view is breathtaking. It has so must history and it is incredible that it is still standing. It is a must see .

Roman Forum

27746868_10209251640443028_221050068_oEntrance to the Roman Forum often comes as part of the Coliseum ticket but many people overlook it. The Roman Forum is incredible! It contains all the ruins from ancient Rome, from temples to chariot arenas. The history in this place is amazing and it is definitely worth a look, so don’t overlook that part of your ticket.

Spanish Steps

27786623_10209251638042968_1058911018_oA short walk from Spagna metro stop you find the Spanish steps which are pretty impressive. If you are feeling up for it you can walk all 138 steps to the top and get an amazing view of Rome. If not there is plenty to do in the Piazza Di Spagna from shopping to restaurants. Just a short walk away you can find the Magnum ice-cream store where you can get a custom ice-cream made.

Trevi Fountain

Again only a short walk from Barberini or Spagna metro stops you can find the incredible Trevi Fountain. This is probably one of Rome’s most iconic landmarks and is 100% worth the visit. You can just stand and admire the fountain or you can go to its edge and follow tradition by throwing a penny over your shoulder. Whatever you decide to do the Trevi fountain is a must when visiting Rome.


How to get there?

Living in Europe makes it pretty easy to access cities such as Rome for a very reasonable price. I have been twice, once I flew in with Ryanair and the second time I got the train as part of my interrail trip. Rome is definitely an accessible city. It can be reached by boat (cruise ships mainly), by air, by train and by road.

Where to stay

Rome is one of those cities where if you are staying near one thing you can be a fair way away from another. There really isn’t a bad location to stay, but accommodation wise i would 100% recommend apartments over hotels, as they often work out cheaper and have better amenities.

Is it expensive?

Throughout my travel guide series I am going to rate all the cities and place out of 10 for price so 1 would be super cheap and 10 would be mega expensive.

27710687_10209251640803037_57442764_oPersonally I think Rome falls around 6/7 this is because it can be expensive however, in some places it can be fairly cheap.  Flights and Accommodation tend to be fairly reasonably priced however, that said it is definitely not the cheapest city I’ve stayed in.

Food and Drink wise it varies but I found that it was pretty reasonably priced if you went to more local restaurants rather than big gourmet or branded restaurants, also walking a few streets back from the attractions you can find some amazing local restaurants that have amazing food and amazing prices.

Hope you enjoyed the second edition of my travel guide series! Stay tuned for more coming soon.


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Overnight Oats Recipe

Hey guys! So for the past few months I’ve been on a new healthy eating and weight loss regime so I thought I would share my journey with you. I will still be doing travel posts but I will also be doing recipes and weight loss updates etc.

So as my first fitness and healthy eating related post I thought I would share one of my favourite breakfasts with you all. For each recipe I post I will let you know whether it is vegetarian or vegan for those of you who want to know that. I am also lactose intolerant so feel free to replace anything I use that is lactose free with an alternative. So lets get into it.

Mixed Fruit Overnight OatsVegetarian & Vegan (if using milk replacement such as Soya Milk) 

You will need:

  • A container with a lid / or a bowl with clingfilm over the top
  • 35g Rolled Oats
  • 1tbsp Milk ( I use Arla Lactose free Skimmed)
  • 2tbsp Alrpo Simply Plain soya based yogurt / or any low fat yogurt
  • A handful of fresh or frozen fruit of your choice ( I use Tesco’s frozen breakfast fruit topper)

How to make it:

To make these overnight oats is super simple. Firstly add your oats to your container or bowl. Then add the milk allowing it to soak the oats (add more if you would prefer it to be runnier). Then you should add the yogurt before topping with the fruit. Once you have done this put the lid on your container or put clingfilm over the bowl and leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning simply mix and enjoy.

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Liverpool Day Out – 14.01.18

Hey! On sunday my boyfriend and I decided to go for a day out to Liverpool. We had a lovely day walking around Albert Dock and the city centre before doing a little bit of shopping. Whilst we were there I took some pictures that I wanted to share with you guys so here they are. Hope you enjoy!

See you soon for my next post!


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Barcelona Travel Guide

So Barcelona is the first place in my travel guide series, and I couldn’t be happier to make this my first place as I absolutely adore the city. I visited Barcelona at the start of May 2016 and I fell in love with it. In this post I will tell you some of my favourite places there and prices as well as my opinion on all the places I went to.

 What should you see / do in Barcelona

 Everything is a sight in Barcelona in my opinion the architecture is breathtaking. A lot of older buildings are built in the style of Guadi. There is also a lot of Gothic architecture to admire around the city. There are some things that I think you HAVE to see when your in Barcelona and they are as follows.

Sagrada Familia

The huge Cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction began in 1882 and is still going with the estimated completion date between 2026 and 2028. The whole Cathedral is begin built by hand to Gaudi’s blueprints, and although not yet completed it is an architectural masterpiece and an amazing sight to see. For a price you can go inside the building and have a tour which takes you to the top of one of the spires, giving you an amazing view of the city.

Parc Guell

Parc Guell is another must see attraction in Barcelona. It is the park dedicated to Antoni Gaudi’s work. From the highest point you get an amazing view of the city leading all the way to the beach. You do have to pay to go into the park and I would definitely recommend booking in advance as only 300 people are allowed in the park at any given moment. Despite this I would most definitely recommend a visit to this gorgeous place.

 Camp Nou Football Stadium

 Camp Nou football stadium is the home to FC Barcelona and is a phenomenal place to visit. The atmosphere is amazing in and out of the stadium. Not being the biggest football fan myself I was slightly sceptical of going but I honestly would go back time and time again. Of course you have to pay to enter the stadium but even if you don’t go into the stadium i would recommend going and having some food and drink on the onsite bar because it was honestly some of the best food I ate the whole trip. Overall I would recommend a visit to Camp Nou.

Barcelonetta Beach 

 There isn’t a lot to say really about Barcelonetta beach other than it is gorgeous. Even if you don’t spend long here I would recommend a visit to see the gorgeous sandy beach and the sea. It would be the perfect chill spot for a few hours after walking round the city. I couldn’t recommend it more.

La Ramblas 

 La Ramblas is a amazing 1km long street in the centre of Barcelona with tonnes of little stalls selling everything from food to jewellery to handbags. The atmosphere is incredible walking down this street, there are tonnes of street performers and musicians all the way down the stretch. I haven’t really got much more to say other than it is 100% worth the visit.

 La Boqueria Market

The world famous market of La Boqueria is worth a visit. Half way down La Ramblas is the huge circular market. Each spiral of the market sells something different, for example the outside ring sells fruit, the next ring in sells veg and so on. The atmosphere inside this market is incredible and the place is always super busy. Even if your not doing a weekly shop definitely head down and pick up a pot of fresh fruit and just have a wonder around because i can guarantee you won’t have been in a market quite like this one.

 Of course these aren’t the only things to see in Barcelona but these are the places that stood out to me as must sees while your there.

 Where to stay

 We stayed in an apartment a few blocks away from Sagrada Familia which was a great location. With Barcelona everything is very spread out so if you are close to one thing you may be slightly further away from other things but the metro system is so good that this wasn’t even an issue for me when I went. I personally think apartments are the way to go when travelling full stop as it gives you the freedom to go and eat and drink anywhere you want without being tied down to hotel restaurant times.

 How to get there ? 

Living in Europe means that getting to other European countries can be fairly cheap if you choose the right airline. When I went I flew with Ryanair which was more than sufficient for a short 2 hour flight. The flights were amazingly cheap for 4 people it was around £200 return which is around £50 per person. Admittedly it was slightly cheaper as we only took hand luggage and had no checked baggage.

 Is it expensive ?

Throughout my travel guide series I am going to rate all the cities and place out of 10 for price so 1 would be super cheap and 10 would be mega expensive.

Personally I think Barcelona falls around 4.5 this is because it can be expensive but it can also be fairly cheap. As I stated before it was cheap for accommodation as we rented an apartment but if you were to get a 5 star hotel obviously it would be much more expensive. Again we flew with a budget airline but if you were to fly first class or with an expensive airline then that would make it much more expensive.

Food and Drink wise it varies but I found that it was very cheap if you went to more local restaurants rather than big gourmet or branded restaurant, also walking a few streets back from the attractions you can find some amazing local restaurants that have amazing food and amazing prices.

I Hope you enjoyed my first Travel guide and that you found helpful. Any tips on what you would want me to include would be great so comment them below or message me on any of my social media.


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