3 Good reasons you should go to University

Hi Everyone!

So as it is nearing results day and many of you will be making the decision about what University you will be going to or even whether you want to go all. As I am entering my 3rd year at University I thought I would give you 3 Reasons you should go to University other than to get a degree. So without further ado let’s get to it.

1. Meet new people

14448889_10206002315211928_2007258518932834290_nChances are you’ve grown up in the same area all your life and unless you went to a college separate from your high school you probably have grown up and know the same people all your life. Going to uni gives you the chance to meet people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet and make friends with people who you may not have though you would be friends with.

2. Try new things

Now people try all sorts of new things at uni, but honestly whether you are good at a sport or not or have never heard of that sport or society but think you might want to try it, you totally should. You don’t have to be good at something to give it a go

3. Become more independent

14479635_10206056427964713_5296242140891390894_nNow whether your living at home or on campus you become so much more independent at uni. The learning style is so much more independent learning based that 6th form or college. If your moving out then you gain so much from living away from home, you have to learn to do so many things for yourself but it is definitely worth

I hope you found this post helpful and enjoyable, look out for more posts coming soon!


About gabiyarnellsite

Third Year Uni student, writing about whatever she fancies.
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