My 3 Flying Must Haves

Hi Everyone!

So as it is summer people are traveling alot more, meaning people are flying more. So because of this I thought I would share with you all my 3 must haves when flying, regardless whether it is a 2 hour flight or a 10 hour flight. So I hope you enjoy this post and lets get into it.

Headphones and Phone 

So these go together side by side, I always have my phone and headphones for a flight. this is because quite often on flights I listen to music or podcasts so having my phone and headphones with me allows me to do that. Also if you are on a long flight that has inflight entertainment it is always handy to have your own headphones incase the airline doesnt provide them or you just want to use your own.

A Book 

Another thing I always bring with me on a plane is a book, whether its one ive been reading or a brand new one i have just bought. I find reading is a great way to kill time on a plane or while waiting for a plane, so I always have one with me.

A bottle of water 

Now I know you cant take a full bottle through security but you can bring an empty one or just buy one in duty free. Having a bottle of water means I can keep hydrated at anytime I want and it also means I dont have to buy drinks on the plane.

Sorry this post was pretty short but I hope you still enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon.


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Third Year Uni student, writing about whatever she fancies.
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