A Day Swimming In Waterfalls at Krka National Park, Croatia

Hey guys, so I recently came back from my holiday in Croatia. While we were there we went on a day tour around Krka National Park, and it was honestly incredible. So I thought I would share it with you all. We had 4 stops on the tour so I will split up the day into those stops. Anyway I hope you enjoy this post and let’s get to it.

Stop 1 – Skradinski Buk

So after about an half an hour drive from Trogir, we arrived at Krka National Park. Our first stop is the big waterfall of Skradinski Buk. This is the one which you tend to see most pictures of. Once we got there our tour guide explained a few things before letting us go off for 2 hours on our own to walk around the area and go and swim in the waterfall. Although it was really busy getting the change to swim in the waterfall was incredible.

Stop 2 – Canyon View and Island Monastery

Our second stop was only a brief one on the way to stop 3. After driving for a while through amazing scenery we stopped at the top on a canyon for a few minutes to take some pictures of the Island Monasteries. The view was incredible!

Stop 3 – Roški Slap

For our third stop we went to a smaller less busy waterfall for an hour. I didn’t take many photos here mainly because I decided to swim here for a while as it was my quieter!

Stop 4 – Šibernik Old Town

Our final stop on the tour was the Historic Centre of Šibernik. The town is a UNESCO heritage site and it’s absolutely incredible. When we arrived our tour guide gave us a brief history of the area before giving us an hour to walk around. When we were walking around we found a fountain that had little tortoises in it which was super cool. Once we had left Šibernik the bus dropped us of where we were staying after a super long but amazing day.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my day in Krka National Park and Šibernik Old Town. Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon!


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