21 before 21

Hey guys, so when this is posted I’m actually on holiday in Croatia and the day after my 20th birthday. So I have decided to make a list of 21 things I want to achieve before I turn 21. I hope you find this post interesting and let’s get into the list.

1. Get a first in at least one Uni assignment

2. Start doing yoga at least twice a week

3. Start going into the free weights section in the gym

4. Run a charity race like the Race for Life or the Great Manchester Run

5. Lose a stone in weight

6. Start eating a healthier diet

7. Try and go vegan for a week

8. Book a trip outside of Europe

9. Become more body confident

10. Decide on a postgraduate course

11. Learn 3 new skills

12. Read at least 5 new books (I’m a slow reader)

13. Finally go see a chiropractor

14. Have more date days with my boyfriend Will

15. Have more mate dates

16. Cut toxic people out of my life

17. Go to the German Christmas markets

18. Try 5 new foods

19. Complete my photography portfolio

20. Book another interrail trip

21. Be happier in life

So there’s my list of 21 things I want to before I’m 21. I know some may be silly and pointless to you but they all mean something to me.

Hope you enjoyed this post!



About gabiyarnellsite

Third Year Uni student, writing about whatever she fancies.
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