My top 5 travel hacks for flying!

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Hey guys, so I’m officially back and as my first post back I thought I would share my top 5 travel hacks for flying. some of these you may already know but nevertheless, I thought I would share them and hopefully they will help you when flying.

1.  Free Water

Not many people know you can take a water bottle through security. The bottle has to be empty but you can take one through. This means you can have free unlimited water while in the airport and to take on the plane, as lots of airports now have water fountains. If the airport doesn’t have a water fountain then you can always ask a cafe or restuarant to fill it up for you.

2. A whole row to yourself

This is probably the most well known hack on this list and that is if you are travelling in a pair and want the whole row to yourself you should book the window and the asile seats on that row. It is unlikely that someone will book the middle seat meaning you will have the whole row to yourselves. However, if someone does end up sitting in the middle seat you can always just as them to swap with you so you can sit with your friend.

3. Avoid expensive excess baggage fees

This next hack might not work on all airlines but it definiately works when flying with Ryanair. If on before your flight you realies that you baggage is over weight and you don’t want to pay expensive baggage fees this is what you should do. Ryanair let you upgrade your baggage allowance by 5kg for £10/10euro per case up to 2 hours before your flight. This is much cheaper than paying £10/10euro per kilo you are over the allowance at the check in desk.

4. Avoid seat reservation fees 

This hack only works if you are flying alone or you don’t mind not sitting next to the person you are travelling with. On quite alot of airlines especially budget airlines, charge you to book your seat in advance, however if you are flying alone there is no need to book as the airline will just randomly allocate you a seat on check in. Alternativly if you still want to book a seat but don’t want to pay rediculous prices, look out for where the cheaper seats on the plane are and book one of those. This is because airlines usually charge more for seats with extra leg room and things like that.

5. Cheaper tickets

Now its well known that booking your tickets on a Tuesday mid-afternoon is the cheapest time to buy tickets but there is another way. If you have been shopping around for tickets, cookies and cache store this information and it can make tickets more expensive when you come to buy them. There are two ways to get around this. One you can clear cookies and your cache or two you can search for flights in a private/ incognito window. if you do this you should find that the price for your tickets has gone down, sometimes its not by much but every little helps.

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