Rome Travel Guide

Hey! so Rome is my second location in my travel guide series. I have been to Rome twice now, once as a school trip and the second time was on my recent interrail trip. I am by no means an expert on Rome but I thought I would share what I think are the best things to see and do whilst you’re there.

What is there to see and do?

Vatican City

27786168_10209251638322975_173842055_oWhether you are religious or not, the Vatican City is definitely worth a visit. It is an independent country in the centre of Rome. It is the smallest country in the world at only 0.44km2. You can take guided tours or just wonder around yourself once you have paid your entrance. The art work and sculptures that fill all the rooms from floor to ceiling are incredible. On your way around you get to pass through the phenomenal Sistine Chapel which is a sight to see.


27707564_10209251639843013_635279968_oThe Coliseum is possibly the most iconic landmark in Rome and it fascinating to visit. You have to pay entrance and there is often a short queue due to the fact only a certain amount of people can be inside at a time. Once inside you can do a guided tour or just wonder around, but either way the view is breathtaking. It has so must history and it is incredible that it is still standing. It is a must see .

Roman Forum

27746868_10209251640443028_221050068_oEntrance to the Roman Forum often comes as part of the Coliseum ticket but many people overlook it. The Roman Forum is incredible! It contains all the ruins from ancient Rome, from temples to chariot arenas. The history in this place is amazing and it is definitely worth a look, so don’t overlook that part of your ticket.

Spanish Steps

27786623_10209251638042968_1058911018_oA short walk from Spagna metro stop you find the Spanish steps which are pretty impressive. If you are feeling up for it you can walk all 138 steps to the top and get an amazing view of Rome. If not there is plenty to do in the Piazza Di Spagna from shopping to restaurants. Just a short walk away you can find the Magnum ice-cream store where you can get a custom ice-cream made.

Trevi Fountain

Again only a short walk from Barberini or Spagna metro stops you can find the incredible Trevi Fountain. This is probably one of Rome’s most iconic landmarks and is 100% worth the visit. You can just stand and admire the fountain or you can go to its edge and follow tradition by throwing a penny over your shoulder. Whatever you decide to do the Trevi fountain is a must when visiting Rome.


How to get there?

Living in Europe makes it pretty easy to access cities such as Rome for a very reasonable price. I have been twice, once I flew in with Ryanair and the second time I got the train as part of my interrail trip. Rome is definitely an accessible city. It can be reached by boat (cruise ships mainly), by air, by train and by road.

Where to stay

Rome is one of those cities where if you are staying near one thing you can be a fair way away from another. There really isn’t a bad location to stay, but accommodation wise i would 100% recommend apartments over hotels, as they often work out cheaper and have better amenities.

Is it expensive?

Throughout my travel guide series I am going to rate all the cities and place out of 10 for price so 1 would be super cheap and 10 would be mega expensive.

27710687_10209251640803037_57442764_oPersonally I think Rome falls around 6/7 this is because it can be expensive however, in some places it can be fairly cheap.  Flights and Accommodation tend to be fairly reasonably priced however, that said it is definitely not the cheapest city I’ve stayed in.

Food and Drink wise it varies but I found that it was pretty reasonably priced if you went to more local restaurants rather than big gourmet or branded restaurants, also walking a few streets back from the attractions you can find some amazing local restaurants that have amazing food and amazing prices.

Hope you enjoyed the second edition of my travel guide series! Stay tuned for more coming soon.



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