Interrail Day 20&21 – Berlin

Hey! So Berlin was our final stop before we went home. Hope you enjoy as its the last Interrail blog post for now!

Day 20 – Arriving in Berlin

So we got on our overnight train to Berlin, well it wasn’t direct to Berlin we had to change in Hanover to get a connection to Berlin. Our connection was an hour after we were supposed to get to Hanover so we thought we had plenty of time, turns out we were wrong as our first train arrived 2 hours late meaning we missed our connection and had to get a different one. This meant we arrived in Berlin a few hours later than we were supposed to which was slightly annoying as we only had today and tomorrow there. Once we had arrived in Berlin we made our way to the hotel where we checked in and freshened up before going out and making the most of the rest of the day. We had booked a 48hour tour bus ticket so we could make the most of the time we had there

wasn’t that much time, however we did get off at the Brandenburg Gate, which was incredible. Once we got off the tour bus we found this incredible shop in Alexander Platz where we decided to come back to tomorrow to buy loads of cool sweets and chocolate from. Once we had gotten something to eat we headed back to the hotel to get an early night so we could get up early tomorrow and explore. We decided to do one route but not really get off it anywhere as there

Day 21 – Full day in Berlin

As today was our only full day in Berlin we got up pretty early so we could make the most of the time we had. Once we had breakfast and were ready for the day we headed out to get on the tour bus again. This time we decided to get off and explore a few places. The first place we went was the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial. The museum at the Holocaust Memorial was extremely informative and

very moving and 100% worth the visit. We then went to the East Side Gallery, which was incredible, there is so many amazing pieces of art all the way along it. Our final touristy stop was Check Point Charlie, where we were able to get our passports stamped with the stamps from all 4 sectors of Berlin. After we had been to Check Point Charlie we went to the Ritter Sport shop where we got a custom made chocolate bar. As it was our last night of our holiday we decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe for tea, which was incredible! On our way back from Hard Rock Cafe, we went to the really cool shop we went to the day before and got some of the sweets and chocolate we wanted. Once we got back to the hotel we packed up all our stuff ready to go the airport in the morning.

Hope you have enjoyed all of my interail day by day posts! Hopefully there will be similar posts coming soon with my new travels, so stay tuned.



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