Interrail Day 17-19 – Munich / Salzburg

Hey! So our second to last stop on our trip was Munich! We did a day trip to Salzburg from Munich which was amazing so here we go.

Day 17 – Arriving in Munich

So once we had left Venice we had an 11 hour overnight train journey ahead of us to Munich. As long train journeys go this one wasn’t terrible. We had a 6 person cabin which we had to share with 2 women, it didn’t have beds but the seats reclined so much it may as well have been a bed. after a few hours of trying to stay awake we both managed to get some sleep. Once we arrived in Munich at around 7am, we knew it was way to early to try and check into the hotel, so we stayed in the train station for a while and got some coffee and breakfast before heading out for the day. Once we had eaten breakfast we went to the hotel to leave our luggage, which allowed us to go and explore Munich a little. The centre of Munich was only around a 10 minute walk from the hotel! We spent most of the day just exploring Munich and having a walk about before heading to the hotel to finally freshen up and then go get something to eat. After we had eaten we decided to have a fairly early night as we were knackered.

Day 18 – Day Trip to Salzburg

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So today was the day we were doing our day trip to Salzburg which meant we had to be up pretty early to catch our bus at 10:25. So once we were all up and dressed we headed off to the bus station. The bus journey was around 2 hours, but we had made it to beautiful Salzburg. Once we had gotten of the bus we walked towards the centre and had a little walk around a beautiful park, before going and getting some lunch. Once we had reached the centre of the city we were in awe of the beauty of it. It was honestly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. We went and explored the beautiful city, taking lots of pictures and going into a few touristy shops. Eventually we managed to find a good view of the castle which was breathtaking. Before heading back to the bus we went and got some ice cream to walk back with. Once we had reached the bus stop we got on the bus back to Munich after an incredible day.

Day 19 – Exploring Munich and travelling to Berlin

Today was our final day in Munich so we decided to make the most of the time we had left. once we had gotten up and ready for the day, we checked out of the Hotel and left our luggage there so we were free to go and explore. We had bought tour bus tickets so we decided to use them today to make sure we could see as much of Munich as we could. We spent most of the day doing different routes of the tour bus before getting off at the end and going to do a little bit of shopping. Once we were all shopped out we headed to go and get something to eat which ended in us going to Pizza Hut. after we had finished eating we headed off to the hotel and collected our luggage before going to the train station to get our overnight train to Berlin.

Hope you enjoyed this Interrail post and stay tuned for the final post about Berlin coming soon.



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