Packing List for 3 Weeks in Europe

So as you may know last summer me and my boyfriend went Interrailing so I thought I would share with you what I packed for this trip as it was longer than any other trip I have been on.

So as my trip involved a lot of travelling I had a lot of things to pack, some of which are personal or I don’t want to give too much detail into for privacy reasons, so because of that some parts may be a little generic but other than that lets get into this post.


These are all the important documents I needed for my trip, obviously some of these may not apply to you so you may not need to pack them.

* Passport

* Interrail Pass

* Hotel reservations

* Plane tickets

* Train reservations

* Travel Insurance


Now with clothes I carefully went through and chose clothes that I could wear with multiple other items to allow me to easily pick out outfits and prevent me from over packing.

* Denim Shorts

* Denim Skirt

* Flowy Short

* Skater Skirt

* Gypsy Pants

* Tshirts

* Vests

* Longsleeved Shirt

* Dress

* Playsuit

* Socks

* Underwear

* Bikini


This list doesn’t need to be purchased in the UK I ended up buying a good amount of it while we were away to save weight in my luggage but here is what I needed and obviously you can adapt this list to what you need.

* Shampoo / Conditioner

* Shower gel

* Suncream

* Aftersun

* Medications

* First Aid Kit

* Hairbrush

* Hairbands and grips

* Toothbrush

* Toothpaste


Normally I wouldn’t take as much electrical equipment with me on holiday as I did but I was away for 3 weeks and I wanted entertainment for some of the long train journeys.

* Phone and Changer

* Tablet and Charger

* Camera and Charger

* Headphones


I chose shoes that I find comfortable for lots of walking and are good for hot weather.

* Converse

* Toms

* Flip flops

* Sandals


These are the other things that don’t really fit into the other categories.

* Towel

* Bike/padlock

* Sunglasses

* Hat

Hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed!!



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