How Much Does Interrail Cost?

Hey Guys! so I am going to start posting more regularly. The interrail day to day posts will still be carrying on but I will be posting other content alongside them. So here is my post on how much interrail costs.20882570_10208254959006615_5170103423042318653_n

So as many of you know I went Interrailing this summer and a lot of you were wondering how much it costs to do. So I decided I would tell you all how much it has cost me, excluding spending money as I can’t remember how much I spent and spending money depends on the person.

So there are several main expenses that you need to pay for and they are your Interrail pass and your accommodation, everything else I mention is pretty much optional extras but this is what i have spent so far on my interrail trip.

My Pass

So I purchased a Global Flexi Pass which allows travel on 7 days within a month. This cost me £231 plus about £7 delivery .

Total : £238

My Accommodation

So we had to purchase accommodation in 7 cities. As I booked these for 2 people I will list the prices for 2 people and how much they cost each. (2 people/1 person)

Amsterdam Hotel –  £207 / £103.5 for 3 nights

Paris Hotel – £145 / £72.5 for 3 nights

Milan Hotel –  £73 / £36.5 for 2 nights

Rome Hotel – £175 / £87.5 for 4 nights

Venice Hotel –  £84 / £42 for 2 nights

Munich Hotel  – £148 / £74 for 2 nights

Berlin Hotel  – £100 / £50 for 2 nights

Total for 2 : £932

Total Each : £466

Flights and Other Transportation things

We decided to fly to Brussels and then fly back from Berlin so we had to pay for those flights. Also you have to pay train reservation fees so that will be included. However, the booking fee for the train reservations I will be halving as it is 8 Euro per train but as we booked 2 seats its only 4 Euro. Also as some of you may know we messed up one train so we had to buy an extra ticket so that will be listed below. Also when were flying back we had to upgrade our luggage allowance due to our luggage being so overweight.

Flight to Brussels £ 21.99

Flight from Berlin £ 32.99

Flight Seat reservation fees £8

Luggage fees £30

Overweight Luggage fees £10 each

Transfers £30

Train Reservation fees 95Euro (each) £84

Booking fees 25Euro (each) £22

Extra Train fee £34

Total : £272.98


So this is totally optional to book in advance but we chose to so we didn’t have to pay it while we were there.

Ice Bar

Eiffel Tower

Disneyland Train tickets

Milan Bus Tour



Day trip to Salzburg

Munich Bus Tour

Berlin Bus Tour

All these in total cost around £160

You may notice I didn’t include Disneyland in this and that is because I received the tickets for that as a gift and therefore didn’t need to book them.

So the overall total for everything we booked is


I hope this was helpful and that you enjoyed!



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