Interrail Day 14-16 – Venice

Hey! so the next stop on our trip was Venice , a place we’ve always wanted to go and it did not disappoint.

Day 14 – Arriving in Venice

Today was the day we left Rome and headed off to Venice! As our train wasn’t until around 10/11am we got up and packed the rest of our stuff up and started making our way to the train station which wasn’t the easiest of journeys as we had to lug all our heavy luggage onto a super over crowded bus. Once we got to the train station we grabbed some breakfast and got on our train to Venice. After a rather short train journey we arrived at our station which was just outside Venice as we were staying on the outskirts. To get to our hotel which was a super cute little campsite holiday village, we got on the bus and made our way there. Once we had checked in we decided to make the most of the facilities and we went for a swim in the swimming pool which was super refreshing as it was so hot that day. After we got out of the swimming pool we went back to our little cabin and got showered and just chilled for a while. One of the best things about the hotel was that it had a restaurant on site which did take out pizza, so we decided to get that for tea. Once we got our pizza we decided to just chill and watch a film before bed.

Day 15 – A full day in Venice

As today was our only full day in Venice we wanted to make the most of it. Today also decided to be probably the hottest day of our trip, which meant we would be having lots of stops for the shade. Once we had gotten ready for the day and had some breakfast we headed into the city centre. After the bus had dropped us off on the edge of Venice we decided to walk into the centre rather than get a water taxi. Along the way we stumbled across so many beautiful buildings and squares so we took some time walking around these. Once we had eventually reached the Rialto Bridge, which is stunning, we decided this would be the perfect place to do our gondola ride. so we went and found a gondolier and went on a gondola ride. If I am going to be totally honest, the ride was lovely but they are rather pricey at 80euro for half an hour. After our gondola ride we headed to St Mark’s Square and had a little walk around there before going and getting some food at Hard Rock Cafe. Yes we have been to a few Hard Rock Cafe’s now but this was the one we wanted to go to the most as it is the smallest in Europe. Once we had a lovely meal in Hard Rock Cafe we started walking back to the bus stop to get back to the hotel after a very long and hot day.

Day 16 – A day in Venice and travelling to Munich

Today was our final day in Venice before we headed off to Munich later that night. We had a slowish start to the morning but once we were all packed up and ready, we checked out of the hotel and stored our luggage in their luggage lockers before heading off the centre of Venice for the last time. To be totally honest we didn’t do much today we just walked round Venice and revisited a few places we wanted to go to again, like St Mark’s Square. Once we had walked around for a while we decided to get some pizza from one of the many little shops selling it and it was amazing. After we had eaten our food we headed back to the bus stop to get the bus back to the hotel to get our luggage. Once we had collected our luggage we headed off to get the bus to the train station to catch our overnight train to Munich. As we had a little time before our train we decided to get a McDonald’s so we wouldn’t be hungry for the journey. When we had finished eating we went to get on our train to begin our journey to Munich.

Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for the next interrail post!



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