Interrail Day 10-13 – Rome

Hey! so our next stop on our interrail trip was Rome which is also where we spent the most amount of time, as we had 4 days there!

Day 10 – Arriving in Rome

Today we had to get up pretty early as we had to get our train at around 9am. As the hotel breakfast was so good yesterday we decided to have it again this morning. Once we had our breakfast we got our stuff and started the journey to the train station. It was quite a stressful journey as some of the metro stops were closed so we had to change metro lines a few times but we eventually got there. Once we got on the train to Rome we could relax a lot as we had premium seats meaning they were extra comfy and we got some free snacks and drinks for the journey. After a really relaxed train journey we made it to Rome. We then got the bus to the hotel which was pretty hard to find but once we got there it was worth it as it was actually amazing!! We decided to freshen up a little bit as we were really sweaty from the journey and the heat. We then heading into the city to make the most of the afternoon. We decided to get some pizza on the way which was incredible, before walking to the nearest met stop. This was when we realised that the local met stop was closed so we had to get the bus to central station to get the met to the centre of the city. Once we got to the city we went to the Spanish steps which were beautiful. We then went to the Magnum store were we got a custom made magnum ice cream which was amazing! After a really long day we headed back to central station to get the bus to the hotel. Overall it was an amazing first day in Rome. 

Day 11 – First full day in Rome and The Vatican City

Today was our first full day in Rome, and we had booked a tour of the Vatican for the afternoon. Once we had woken up we started to get ready for the day, and we ate some of the breakfast foods that were given to us by the hotel. Once we were all ready we got the bus to central station to get the metro to the Vatican. When we got to the Vatican we didn’t have to queue at all as we booked our tickets in advance. We did a tour of all the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel which we absolutely stunning! After we had left the Vatican we went and got a cold drink and some lunch before heading of to go find the Trevi fountain. We ended up getting pretty lost on the way but once we found it it was well worth all the getting lost because the Trevi fountain is beautiful. Following tradition we threw a penny over our shoulders for good luck. We then walked back towards the Spanish steps where we went to the supermarket and then went and got some cocktails before heading back to the hotel. 

Day 12 – Second full day in Rome

Today was our second full day in Rome and we had tickets for the Coliseum and Roman Forum tour. So once we had gotten up and dressed we ate some breakfast before heading over to the Coliseum for the day. Once we got to the Coliseum we had to queue up to redeem our tickets and get given a slot to actually go into the Coliseum. Once we had done this we had about 3 hours before we could go into the Coliseum so we decided to go get a slushy drink as it was so hot! After we had drank our drink we went into the Roman Forum and walked all around that, which was fascinating! I would 100% recommend it. After we had been around the Roman Forum it was time for our visit to the Coliseum. The Coliseum was absolutely incredible, there is nothing that compares to it. After we left the Coliseum we went to get something to eat and we stumbled across this amazing restaurant which had a view of the Coliseum. The food was amazing and super cheap! It was only €6 for a pizza! Once we had eaten we went and got some ice cream from a huge ice cream parlour, we both got kinder bueno flavour ice cream which was amazing! After we had eaten our ice cream we headed back to the hotel after a long and hot day it explouring. 
Day 13 – Last full day in Rome

Today was our last full day in Rome. As we didn’t have anything planned for the day we decided to have a lazy day as had been non stop for almost 2 weeks at this point. We got some breakfast at the hotel and slowly got ready for the day. We then went back to the Spanish steps as we decided to climb them all and it was definitely worth it as the view from the top was incredible. We then went and did a little bit of shopping before heading off to get something to eat. As it was our last day in Rome we decide to treat our selves and go to Hard Rock Cafe. The food was amazing and so were the drinks. Once we had eaten we headed back to the hotel as we had an early start the day after to head to Venice! 
Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more interrail posts! 




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