Interrail Day 8&9 – Milan

Hey guys sorry I have been gone for a little while I’ve been super busy with starting University again but I’m back now with another Interrail Blog. Hope you enjoy!

So if you read my Paris blog post you will know how horrendous our journey to Milan was! but nevertheless here is what we got up to in Milan.

Day 8 – Arriving in Milan

20914445_10208264092354943_9018695041408450945_nAfter our very long journey from Paris, we eventually arrived in Milan. As it was still earlyish in the day we had plenty of time to look around the city. First of all, we went over to our hotel which thankfully let us check in early meaning we could go to our room and freshen up before going to explore the city. Once we had gotten to the city centre we decided to go get an ice cream as we hadn’t really eaten much that day. We had bought a 48hour tour bus ticket so we decided to make use of that today as we only had one more day in Milan after that! As we were still very tired we did the shorter route of the tour bus and got off at the Cathedral. The cathedral was incredible! We then went for a little wonder around to find a restaurant to get something to eat in. we eventually found a very traditional Italian restaurant and we both got pasta dishes and cocktails. As we were super tired we then decided to go get some snacks from a supermarket and head back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Day 9 – Only full day in Milan

20883006_10208264085114762_3239670038698715602_nAs today was our only full day in Milan we decided to make the most of it. so once we had gotten up and ready we went and got breakfast at the hotel before heading out for the day. We got the metro into the city centre and got some ice cream before getting on the tour bus again. We did two more routes of the tour bus which showed us some amazing sights and took us to San Siro football stadium. After we had done the tour bus we went and did a little bit of shopping in one of the many shopping districts in Milan before going to get a McDonalds for tea. We then went and bought some souvenirs from one of the many souvenir shops before heading back to the hotel. Once we were back at the hotel we had to pack and get everything ready as our train to Rome was leaving fairly early the next day. Overall we had a great time in Milan despite how tired we were the entire time.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!



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