Interrail Day 6 – DISNEYLAND

So as you may know if you read my previous post I didn’t include day 6 of my interrail trip and that is because I wanted to do a separate post for it as I spent the day in Disneyland. Also as this is a Disneyland post it may have a different format but without further ado, let’s get into it.


I was so excited for this day because I have never been to Disney before and neither had my boyfriend, so when my parents bought us tickets for a day in Disneyland as a birthday present we were super excited.

As we were staying in the centre of Paris we bought special train tickets which would let us use the RER that runs to Disneyland. On the Day we got up super super early so we could get to the park for when it opens at 10am! As there was a queue for the security check we managed to get in at around 10:40am which left us with tones of time to go and explore the park.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was to go and buy myself some Minne Mouse ears. After I got my ears we headed off to Discoveryland! First thing we did was go and get fast track passes for Hyperspace Mountain, and start queuing for Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast, which was amazing! We then went and got some crepes as we had a little time before our fast pass time for Hyperspace Mountain. Hyperspace Mountain was one of the best rides I’ve ever been on!

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We then went to go and get a Fast Pass for Indiana Jones, before grabbing some popcorn and heading off to queue for Phantom Manner. The queue wasn’t too long for Phantom Manner so we got on fairly quickly! Once we had been on Phantom Manner we went for a walk around and decided to queue up for a meet and greet with Baloo which was amazing!

20842054_10208248795492531_3869067245658378121_nAfter we had met Baloo we walked back to Main Street and got some massive candyfloss before finding a good spot for the parade. We ended up with one of the best spots for the parade as we had the Castle as the backdrop! After the parade, we went back over to Indiana Jones as it was our Fast Pass time slot. Indiana Jones was actually one of my favourite rides I’ve ever been on. After we had come off Indiana Jones we headed off to get something to eat, which ended up being Pizza. 20841989_10208250517255574_3618571458162309096_n

Once we had eaten we went for a walk around the park and decided to go on the Mad Hatters Tea Cups, which was really fun! Before the Illuminations started we went for a walk around the shops and bought some souvenirs before heading back to Indiana Jones. We decided to ride it 2 more times as we loved it so much!

Once we had come off Indiana Jones we headed back to main street where we went and got a good spot for the Illuminations. Finally, it was time for the Illuminations which were incredible! I can’t even describe it. Once they had finished it was around 11:30pm so we started our journey back to the hotel. It was by far one of the best days of our whole interrail trip.


For anyone who was wondering this is the list of rides we went on:

  • Hyperspace Mountain
  • Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast
  • Indiana Jones Temple of Peril
  • Mad Hatters Tea Cups
  • Phantom Manner
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean

Hope you Enjoyed! Look out for more Interrail blogs coming soon!



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