Interrail Day 1-3 (Amsterdam)

So as some of you may know I recently went Interrailing around Europe with my boyfriend so this is the first post in my Interrial travel diaries! Hope you enjoy!

Day 1Travelling to Amsterdam


So the first day of our trip started off very early in Manchester Airport where we got an 8am Flight to Brussels. After a rather cramped but luckily short flight, we arrived in Brussels. From Brussels, we began our journey to Amsterdam by getting the shuttle bus from the airport to the train station. After getting very lost and confused in the train station we finally found the right platform and got on our train to Amsterdam Schipol Airport. Once we had arrived in Schipol Airport we rang our hotel so they could come a collect us as they had a free shuttle service from the airport so we thought we may as well make the most of it. Once we had checked in and freshened up we decided to head into the city and make the most of the rest of the day as it was only around 3pm. We decided to have a wonder around the canals before searching for somewhere to eat. After a little searching, we stumbled across a bar/ grill called Flames where we got some amazing food.

Day 2First Full Day in Amsterdam


Today was our first official day in Amsterdam and we were very excited as we had the Ice Bar booked for today. After getting the bus into Amsterdam we decided to go get breakfast and we managed to find a cute little cafe in Leidseplein, where we got some breakfast. Once we had eaten we had some time to kill before our slot at the Ice Bar so we went for a walk around and we stumbled across an I Amsterdam sign that had been decorated for pride. 20708437_10208221677774605_1035150043582463789_nOf course, we stayed there and took some photos. By the time we had finished taking some photos it was time for us to head to the Ice Bar. The Ice Bar was actually amazing!! It was sooo different to any bar we had been in before. As it wasn’t that late when we came out of the Ice Bar we decided to go and do a little bit of shopping before getting some pizza. Once we had eaten we went and got some snacks to take back to the hotel and then headed back.


Day 3Second Full Day in Amsterdam


We decided to have a little bit of a lie in today so we could catch up on a little bit of sleep. We then went into the centre of Amsterdam. As the weather was so nice and sunny we went for a walk around Vondelpark for a while, which was really nice and relaxing. After we left Vondelpark we walked over to Museumplein where we took some photos with the original I Amsterdam sign and had a walk around the Rijksmuseum gardens. Once we had some lunch we went up to Central Station where we got on a hop on hop off tour boat of the city. The boat tour was super interesting and there were so many pretty views along the way.

Day 4Last Day in Amsterdam and Travelling to Paris


Today was the day we had to check out of the Hotel and leave Amsterdam. As our train to Paris wasn’t until the evening we had to find somewhere to store our luggage in the centre of Amsterdam as the train station lockers were all full. After a little bit of searching, we eventually found somewhere where we could store our luggage. Once we had done that we went back to Central Station to get on a different route of the Hop on Hop off tour boat. Once we had finished the tour we got off the boat and went to find somewhere to eat. On our way to collect our luggage we got ourselves some snacks for the train journey and then headed to the train station to get our train. After a 3-hour train journey, we made it to Paris at around 10pm. We then headed to our Hotel to get some rest for the next day’s adventure.


Thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it!! Look out for more interrail posts coming soon.


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