Get to know me!

Hey! so as this is my very first blog post I thought it would be fitting for me to tell you all some facts about me so can get to know me more before I dive in with all the posts I have planned. So here we go!

  • I am 19 years old and my birthday is August 3rd
  • I am studying Law and Criminology at Uni and I am currently about to start my second year.
  • I am a swimming teacher and a qualified lifeguard
  • I am part of the University Rowing team
  • I go to the University of Chester
  • I have a boyfriend and his name is Will
  • I love to travel and I recently came back from an Interrial trip around Europe
  • I am half Polish from my Mum’s side
  • I have a little sister who is 14
  • I am a total photo hoarder, I have 1000’s of photos developed and in albums
  • I love photography and graphic design
  • I don’t have any pets but me and my sister are working on getting our dad to agree to a dog.
  • I love to dye my hair different colours, but my favourite was definitely pink.
  • I love Disney and my favourite character is by far Stitch.
  • Some of my favourite films are The Lion King, White Chicks, Dunkirk, DeepWater Horizon and the Despicable Me series.

Well there you have it some random facts about me to help you get to know me more!

Hope you enjoyed!



About gabiyarnellsite

Third Year Uni student, writing about whatever she fancies.
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